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NitroGrafx V0.723 Mars 2013
Fixed fighter games which uses 6 buttons..
*Added multitap emulation.
*Added 6 button joypad emulation.
*Added support for arguments from flashcard menu.
*Fixed a few things with savestate loading.
Download V0.7
NitroGrafx V0.66 November 2011
Fixed graphics rendering and optimised everything to better handle CD-ROM emulation.
*Support for all 2048 tiles.
*Support for 1024 wide tilemaps.
*Support for 320 pixel wide screenmode.
*Better caching of tiles/sprites, less flickering
*Optimised everything.
Download V0.6
NitroGrafx V0.56 May 2010
Finally added CD-ROM audio through the use of .bin/.cue files, make sure to read the CDROM_readme.txt file for how to rip your CD games correctly.
*Added support for CD-ROM images in .bin/.cue format.
*Added support CD audio playing.
Download V0.5
NitroGrafx V0.416 April 2010
Fixed a bug that affected Blazing Lazers and timing of ADPCM which affected Sapphire.
*Fixed CPU cycles per scanline (455, confirmed on hardware).
*Fixed timing of scroll register writes.
*Fixed Sprite DMA IRQ handling.
*Fixed savestates a bit (should be compatible between versions now).
*Fixed scaling after loading savestate.
*Fixed caching of Bios.
*Better timing of ADPCM playing (still no sound though).
*Debug output now optional, also more info is written.
Download V0.4
NitroGrafx V0.310 April 2010
Some more CD-ROM games work plus "Makai Hakkenden Shada (J)".
*Fixed cache for 16x64 sprites.
*Fixed sprite DMA flag.
*Fixed more CD-ROM emulation issues.
Download V0.3
NitroGrafx V0.223 March 2010
Minor update for NitroEngine, should hopefully please some guys out there.
*Added support for the SF2 mapper.
*Fixed loading of roms with headers.
*Fixed sprite scaling when switching modes.
*Fixed directory cache misses.
*Fixed some CD-ROM emulation issues.
Download V0.2
NitroGrafx V0.119 March 2010
My PC-Engine/TurboGrafx16 emulator for the DS.
Most things from PCEAdvance are ported over and most games run quite good.
The savestates are broken at best and not working for CD/Arcade games at all.
But this is just the first test version and I need some feedback,
preferably via or
Download V0.1
S8DS V0.716 January 2010
Fixes for a couple of more games.
*Fixed Super Tetris & Frogger proto when machine is set to "Auto".
*Fixed PGA Tour Golf (low bits of VDP Stat not zero).
*Changed palette buffering to middle of screen.
*Changed default scale mode to "Scale To Fit".
Download V0.7
S8DS V0.67 January 2010
Update of S8DS for the new year.
*Added option to turn off 3D display.
*Fixed color/saturation setting for SG/Coleco games.
*Fixed some bogus handling of the 3D display mode.
*Fixed "Perfect Sprites" mode, should now be used as default.
*Changed startup values for VDP regs 0,1 & 10, might break something.
*Changed sound renderer to be more correct.
*Removed PAL timing for GG.
Download V0.6
S8DS V0.52 December 2009
Yet another small update for S8DS.
*Added support for Coleco Vision.
*Added keyboard support for SC-3000/SG-1000.
*Added support for mode 3 graphics.
*Added support for red/cyan glasses in SMS 3D games.
*Fixed issues with mode 0,1 & 2 graphics.
*Fixed cutof of long filenames in the browser.
*Fixed timing of VInt.
*Changed colors for the filebrowser.
Download V0.5
S8DS V0.41 November 2009
Some small updates for S8DS.
*Added R as FastForward.
*Fixed Bios handling on MD (Frogger proto GG2SMS works).
*Fixed "Border Off" for GG.
*Sprite collision is now "On" by default.
*Changed R as GG start to X as GG Start.
Download V0.4
S8DS V0.320 October 2009
Just a small fix for S8DS.
*Fixed Bios handling a bit (GG games works again).
Download V0.3
S8DS V0.219 October 2009
Just a small fix for S8DS.
*After loading game GUI is automatically closed.
*Added internal Bios (for Ace of Aces & Shadow Dancer).
Download V0.2
S8DS V0.112 October 2009
More or less a port of SMSAdvance to the NDS now under the name of S8DS, as it's a SEGA 8-bit emulator for the DS.
The biggest difference from the GBA is probably that you don't have to use a builder to add roms, you can use zipped files directly and the screen doesn't have to be scaled to fit.
*Pretty much everything works perfectly.
*Supports zipped files.
*No scaling needed for most games.
*Can scale to correct aspect for PAL, NTSC & GameGear.
Download V0.1
Out Run on S8DS Phantasy Star on S8DS
GreenBeretDS V0.323 May 2009
Just a small fix for the Green Beret Emulator.
*Fixed parsing of more zip files.
Download V0.3
GreenBeretDS V0.213 May 2009
First official release of my first official NDS emulator =).
*Added GUI including touch support.
*Added support for "Rush n' Attack" & "Mr. Goemon".
*Added support for (compressed) zip files.
*Added savestates.
*Added option for unscaled screen.
*Added optional powersave for 2nd screen.
*Added gamma correction.
*Fixed scaling.
Download V0.2
MSXAdvance V0.48 April 2009
Cleaned up release of MSXAdvance.
*Fixed timing of HALT instruction.
*Optimised all Z80 memory reads, one instruction and cycle shorter.
*Optimised DEC opcodes.
*Optimised SBC A/HL opcode.
*Optimised CPI, CPD, CPIR & CPDR opcodes.
Download V0.4
Cologne V0.88 April 2009
Spring cleaning time, I thought I just might release whatever versions of the old emulators I have lying around.
So here is a "new" version of my Coleco emulator Cologne.
*Fixed initializing of all CPU regs on reset.
*Fixed timing of HALT instruction.
*Fixed pushing and poping of AF register (BC Quest for Tires II).
*Optimised tile rendering.
*Optimised all Z80 memory reads, one instruction and cycle shorter.
*Optimised DAA opcode.
*Optimised DEC opcodes.
*Optimised SBC A/HL opcode.
*Optimised one of the SRA opcodes.
*Optimised CPI, CPD, CPIR & CPDR opcodes.
Download V0.8
Yie Ar Kung-Fu GBA V0.12 April 2009
Yet another arcade emulator which uses the M6809 cpu, this time from Konami.
This one has sound as well, though no speech.
*Pretty much everything works except speech.
Download V0.1
Yie Ar Kung-Fu title Yie Ar Kung-Fu gameplay
Ghosts'n Goblins GBA V0.11 April 2009
Another arcade emulator which uses the M6809 cpu.
Should be fairly playable, even has working screen flipping.
I have one more arcade emulator coming up, though I can't find why the music doesn't play.
*Pretty much everything works except sound.
Download V0.1
Ghosts'n Goblins attract mode Ghosts'n Goblins first boss
SonSonGBA V0.123 March 2009
Here's a little present to the few GBA nuts still left.
A SonSon arcade emulator! Mainly done to test out my M6809 cpu emulator.
*Pretty much everything works except sound.
Download V0.1
SonSon ingame unscaled SonSon startup scaled
SMSAdvance V2.526 January 2009
New SMSAdvance with a couple of small fixes.
*Added support for GG Bios from Pogoshell.
*Added mapper support for new Korean games.
*Changed interrupt method so more cards should be able to patch SMSA.
Download V2.5
NGPAdvance V0.31 October 2008
A couple of fixes for NGPAdvance, some more games should be playable.
*Fixed copy protection in "Metal Slug 2" (SNK logo in VRAM).
*Fixed control problem in "Rockman Battle & Fighters" (MIRR opcode).
*Fixed background glitch in "Memories of Pure" (HCount register).
*Fixed problems with DMA probably affecting many games.
Download V0.3
NGPAdvance V0.24 September 2008
New version of NGPAdvance, a lot of games should be a bit more playable thanks to speedhacks. I also added support for a lot of internal hardware (RTC/Alarm, Power button, DA/DA IRQ) so that you can use the real bios. Still no flash emulation as I can't really see how to implement it on the GBA... Also uploaded a tech doc for the NGPC.
*Added speedhacks for a lot of games.
*Added emulation of batteries & sub battery.
*Added RTC alarm.
*Added power button (SELECT).
*Added D button (R) (check Doko Demo Mahjong).
*Fixed a couple of cpu bugs affecting Metal Slug 1 and a couple of other games.
Download V0.2
NGPAdvance V0.13 July 2008
New emulator! Woho! Well just like the Wonder Swan emulator this is really slow. It doesn't support any kind of saving so some games won't work correctly or at all. Other games have graphical glitches and are really slow. Some games doesn't work and it's really slow. It is indeed slow but there are a few things you can do to speed it up a little bit. You can turn off the Z80 for some games (experiment when to turn it on/off) and you can lower the clock of the TLCS-900 cpu.
*First release most things implemented except flash/save..
Download V0.1
SMSAdvance V2.416 April 2008
Just fixed the gamma setting and fixed/cleaned up the source a bit thanks to Dwedit.
*Fixed config loading for gamma setting..
Download V2.4
SMSAdvance V2.328 March 2008
Wow, 3 months again without a word from me... so I hope you like Sega 8-bit stuff.
New SMSAdvance with lot's of unimportant stuff added and some games fixed as well.
I guess the biggest thing is that allmost all games now run full speed all the time, enjoy!
Ops, just fixed a small bug with the new VRAM copy, download V2.3
*Added copying of first 32kB ROM to VRAM for faster execution.
*Added selection of machine.
*Added correct noise generation for SG-1000 emulation.
*Added correct palette in TMS9918 modes on SMS machines.
*Added different vdp capabilities depending on selected machine.
*Added some very basic Mode5 support when Machine=MegaDrive.
*Added different io maps depending on selected machine.
*Added support for the SMS1 tilemap address masking (Ys(J)).
*Added support for turning on/off internal RAM.
*Added auto save of SRAM (if it's allready present) when entering menu.
*Added auto turn off of Bios when no header found (on machine=Auto).
*Added auto region (Pop Breaker GG (J)).
*Fixed support for Dodgeball King (KR).
*Fixed pushing and poping of AF register (Adventure of Batman GG).
*Fixed sprite bugs in unscaled mode on Codemasters games.
*Fixed initializing of all CPU regs on reset.
*Fixed timing of HALT instruction.
*Fixed palette setting for TMS9918 modes on GG.
*Fixed noscrolling for TMS9918 modes.
*Fixed up Mode1 graphics a bit.
*Fixed correct HCounter and latching.
*Better switching between TMS9918 and SMS video modes.
*More info shown from the game header.
*Optimised tile rendering for mode 0 & 2 (for real this time).
*Optimised all Z80 memory reads, one instruction and cycle shorter.
*Optimised DAA opcode.
*Optimised DEC opcodes.
*Optimised SBC A/HL opcode.
*Optimised one of the SRA opcodes.
*Optimised CPI, CPD, CPIR & CPDR opcodes.
Download V2.3
SMS Adventure of Batman SMS Dodgeball King
MSXAdvance V0.33 December 2007
Some people have been bugging me about a MSXAdvance with 64kB RAM for christmas, so here it is.
As I've been working on the Z80 and SMS emulators for some time now there are some more fixes in it as well.
*Added 64kB of RAM instead of 32kB (Batman).
*Fixed initialization of horizontal position of keyboard.
*Fixed initializing of all CPU regs on reset.
*Fixed pushing and poping of AF register (BC Quest for Tires II).
*Optimised some of the SBC instructions.
*Optimised DAA opcode.
*Optimised one of the SRA opcodes.
*Optimised tile rendering.
Download V0.3
MSX Batman 1 MSX Batman 2
SMSAdvance V2.19 May 2007
New SMSAdvance after nearly a year, mostly fixes for the SG1000.
*Optimised tile rendering for mode 0 & 2.
*Fixed a bug where GG games set the "lock-toprow" bit (Sonic Drift demo).
*Added support for the SG1000 games Mahjong and Home Mahjong.
*Added support RAM on some SG1000 games (The Castle, Othello...).
*Fixed clearing of SMS VRAM when no bios used.
Update: fixed a huge bug making a lot of games crash at start, sorry about that.
Download V2.1
HDDVD8 May 2007
09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0
Remudvance V0.32 March 2007
Poking around with the 6502 cpu core and made some fixes to flag calculation on ADC/SBC in decimal mode.
*Fixed flag calculation on ADC/SBC.
*Optimised background rendering a bit.
Download V0.3
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